• Tattoo Deposits

    I require a $60-100 deposit for all appointments which will go towards the cost of the last hour of tattooing. The deposit may be more for larger work (sleeves/back pieces) I do like to do consults, if you are local, so please email me to set one up if interested (please also be specific of which design your are inquiring about.

    The amount of your deposit will go towards the last session(completion) of the tattoo. Your deposit is good for as long as it takes to finish the tattoo, though your deposit will be forfeit in the event of:

    More than 2 months pass with out an appointment or communication of any kind-- Just touching base with me is best-- when I touch base with you about finishing your tattoo, & I receive no response, your deposit is forfeit as well--

    All Deposits are final and non-refundable.